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Hello! We are Renegade Fortress -

Developers based in Manchester

Welcome to the Renegade Fortress, an independent mixed reality development studio. Based in the Northwest of England with offices in MediaCityUK.


In the past we’ve have been working on mobile games and have chosen to move into the exciting new field of Mixed Reality. Using the skills we have developed in game development to create new and powerful experiences for this emerging field.


We want to work with people’s ideas and the MR development community to push the limits and help shape the future of interactive technology.



We strive to create valued products. We do this by concentrating on every aspect of design form the overall concept to the smallest menu item. Every aspect is thought through and planned.



We love to come up with new ideas. That’s one of the reasons we chose to work in Mixed Reality. This is an emerging market that needs new ways for user to interact with. We will strive to work closely with clients to develop a Mixed Reality app that fits their needs.



Working with other people in our fields is important to us. We believe this helps improve the industry as a whole but also increases innovation. We aim to work with anyone willing to learn and add to the collective knowledge base, students or experts alike.



As we are working with new technology and prototype devices we believe in being honest with their current limitations. We will work as hard as we can to push these to the limit and develop new ways to work with virtual objects, but we will speak plainly about what can be done currently.


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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

We provide the expertise needed to develop applications. We specialize in small unique experiences that will leave a lasting impression. We can provide anything from consulting to product deployment. Using open source software where possible we are able to keep costs low and build prototypes within a short timeframe.

MR Development

Using Unity3D and Microsoft HoloLens we can develop applications that are not possible with current devices. We work closely with clients to develop the concept, create something that is unique, through to app production.

Game development

We have two self-published titles on android and one on iOS. The first of these games was created with a custom engine created in house. The second was developed in the Unity3D game engine. Since starting with Unity3D we have worked on various projects in this engine and have become proficient in fast prototyping concepts.


Nice to meet you

Greg Wray


E: gregwray@renegadefortress.com

Has a background in the art and design aspect about games development and is still continues development in his skills. Uses Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity3D and Blender for his creative works. Dabbles at times with web development using WordPress or Angular.


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Floor 4, The Landing, MediaCityUK,
Salford, Lancashire, M50 2EQ