Hello Renegades,

The HoloLens is an amazing piece of equipment and it very nice to use. The applications that Microsoft has made for the device that are available on the windows store are well made and are great way to show off the capabilities of the device.

Currently I’m in the process of refining and updating my skill set I have to transfer in developing for the HoloLens. I was primarily a 2D artist but now I have begun use 3D applications in my work flow to bring new art work into the HoloLens.

One of the many hurdles I personally struggle with these days is to use new applications since you have to go through the process of learning how to use each tool which takes time. Admittedly it’s not an easy thing but I’m happy with my own progress.

The design process for an application in the HoloLens is somewhat different because interactivity with apps via a phone or a computer we have predefined inputs and a well-designed UI/UX on screen if designed well, makes a fluid experience. With the HoloLens you have to take into account spatial awareness and vision since you wearing the HoloLens headset, simple hand gesture and voice commands are the input for the device. We now have to use those as a guide to think creatively to make a unique application to give a unique experience. 

A key way of thinking about the design is instead of designing from the outside to inside, it’s now from the inside out.

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