MR - Mixed Reality

What is MR

Mixed Reality (MR) is the merging of the virtual word with the real wold. With current technologies, programs have begun overlaying video and pictures with virtual objects and information. This has led to programs to catch pocket monsters and turn yourself into dogs. These have been called Augmented Reality. The next step to this is MR, where those objects start interacting with your world. They do this on the HoloLens by scanning your room and using the generated map to know where the walls, floor and ceiling are. They can go even further and know where tables and chairs are. Using this information virtual objects will become part of your environment and not just a sticker on top.

Why is it the future

We are fully in the information age and most computer development has been to improve our access to this. The internet has given access to information to the world. Phones have allowed this information to not be tired down to location. And the internet of things is being developed to increase information collection. Currently this information is being accessed separately from its source. MR is a great way to interact with the increasing need for current information and to bring it into the world it’s being gathered from. Games can be played where the characters sit on your couch in your front room. You could plan where your washing machine will go in your actual kitchen. When you do DIY you’ll be able to see the pipes behind the walls.

What MR can do for you

Even though the only available MR devices are still prototypes and still mainly for developers, there are some uses that they are being used for. Engineering and education are two areas that they are first being used for. But you might see a use for it in your industry. If so we would like to help realise MR’s application with you. Whether that be a commercial product, prototype or just a prove of concept to see the possible near future use.

Why we are doing MR

There is a lot of potential with MR and we believe we can help develop new ways to use MR in everyday life. We are excited by the challenge provided in pioneering with this new industry. We want to work closely with clients to realise what was impossible just a few years ago. Also, working with other developers to promote the technology and collectively work though MR’s current drawbacks.