Hello fellow Renegades, we’re back with another update from yours truly Greg.

We haven’t been as active blogging as usual but if you have seen us over the past few weeks in person we have been very busy which means afterwards we’ve been somewhat exhausted.

We recently held a mixed reality event (our first event) over at The Launch in The Landing where we are based which was very successful.

I’d like to give thanks to The Landing and to Barclays Eagle Labs for helping us with this event.

But anyway, moving on to more important matters.

Over the past week, we two enthusiastic students from the UTC College not so far from Renegade Labs which wanted to do their work experience we us and we were more than happy to help them with that request. During that time we tasked our new Renegade Interns Harvey Mondino and Robert Waite to build a small mobile game and tutor them in the day to day tasks in how we operate at Renegade Fortress.



I hope we’ve left a good impression on the lads on work experience and not over burden them with the heavy work load.

We’re very proud of their progress and talent we’ve see over the past week and I can tell there bound to do good thing in the future and I wish them the best of luck, hopefully we’ll meet again the future.

I’ll leave this post with feedback from their experience over the past week.


Robert Waite Say:

“I had an amazing time Renegade Fortress for my work experience this year. Harvey and I were tasked by the team to create a short mobile game. We were using software which we had little to no experience with but were given simple crash courses in the different software packages which we would need to use for our game.

We built on those skills those skills throughout the week and have successfully built the base game representing our idea, coded by Harvey, art by me.

Greg and Ash made our work experience as real as possible, emerging us in what life in the games industry is like.

Overall, a fantastic week in which we learned a number of skills we which can take on and use in the future.”


  • Robert Waite, Student of the UTC@MediaCityUK


Harvey Mondino Says:

“At Renegade Fortress I have been able to develop my skills in interactive media and gaming content. Greg and Ash briefed myself and Rob on our tasks and allowed for  independent project production between the both of us. We have built a mobile game in the week we have been here using the Unity Engine. Before arriving at Renegade Fortress my skills in Unity were not good and looking at the engine I had no idea what to do but over a weekend space and Ash teaching myself I am confident in my ability to use the engine and produce games. Upon the project we also Networked with many companies on a VR day and managed to develop important contacts and knowledge for the future as well as demoing the new Microsoft HoloLens and presenting it to those interested. Overall I can happily rate my time at Renegade Fortress as useful and a great Experience, learning and producing skills in a strong and creative environment.”

  • Harvey Mondino, Student of the UTC@MediaCityUK

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